Financials / Forms

The following statements are available for the directors on the First working day of each month:

  • Monthly cash flow summary
  • List of all transactions for the month
  • Reserve Fund summary of income and expenses
  • Detailed list of Reserve fund investments
  • List of residents who are prepaid or in arrears
  • Comparison of monthly expenses compared to the budget
  • Comparison of yearly expenses compared to the budget
  • Pre-authorized payment plans or Debit cards accepted

Other services include:

  • Collect monthly fees for residents
  • Obtaining discounts where available
  • Negotiating the highest returns available on investments
  • Securing special financial arrangements for low service charges and highest interest rates on operating funds
  • Budget preparation annually
  • Maintaining accurate records to minimize auditing fees
  • Pay all accounts including wages, utilities, and maintenance
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service