Shabri Management Services

Shabri property managers assist the Board of Directors, owners and tenants in
maintaining and enhancing the property for the benefit of all.


  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and owners
  • Take minutes and send to directors before the next meeting
  • Review all tenders and contracts with the board
  • Provide board with advice and carry out their directions


We keep up to date on all related legislation including:

  • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Property Standards By-laws
  • Fire Safety Regulations
  • Employment Standards Act
Accounting & Administration

Accounting & Administration

  • Maintain individual files for each unit
  • Maintain up-to-date information on all residents
  • A specific Property Manager assigned to each site
  • Negotiating the highest returns available on investments
  • Obtaining discounts where available and securing special financial arrangements for low service charges and highest interest rates on operating funds
  • Budget preparation annually and maintaining accurate records to minimize auditing fees
  • Maintaining accurate records to minimize auditing fees
  • Pay all accounts including wages, utilities, and maintenance

Accurate & Timely Reporting

We know that accurate and timely reporting is critical to assisting our clients in making informed decisions.
The following statements are available for the directors on the first working day of each month.

  • List of residents who are prepaid or in arrears
  • Comparison of monthly expenses to the budget
  • Comparison of yearly expenses compared to the budget
  • Pre-authorized payment plans or Debit cards accepted
  • Monthly cash flow summary
  • List of all transactions for the month
  • Reserve Fund summary of income and expenses
  • Detailed list of Reserve fund investments


To arrange for emergency, planned and preventative maintenance we:

  • Make regular property inspections
  • Tender and negotiate all contracts for services
  • Engage competent trades to carry out work efficiently and at reasonable cost
  • Arrange for maintenance of equipment on a regular and timely basis.
  • Hire and supervise superintendents as required
  • Plan for preventative maintenance
  • Prepare and implement fire safety records
  • Oversee all maintenance
Tenant Relations

Tenant Relations

  • Provide 24 hour emergency service
  • Collect monthly fees for residents

Peace of Mind

At Shabri we believe the most valuable service we provide our clients is peace of mind knowing that their properties
are being managed safely and efficiently, maximizing their return, and protecting their valuable investment.

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